Thursday, March 2, 2017

Basilica del Santo Niño of Cebu

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño or Minor Basilica of the Holy Child is one of the Cebu must travel tourist destination. The church is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines. The church was believed that it was built in 1565 where the image of Holy Child or the miraculous infant Jesus Santo Niño was found but it was burned down in November of 1566. It was reconstructed using the wood and nipa momentarily. In 1605, Fray Pedro Torres started the reconstruction of the church and was finished in 1626 but was burned again in March 1628. Fray Juan Medina renovated the church using stones and bricks but was stopped. The church was burned down three times. Through they help of the people and contributed materials the church was finished with good foundation in 1739.

Presently they have a pilgrim center inside the church compound to accomodate the increasing number of devotees. The church opens 4:30AM to 8:30PM. 

Unfortunately the Basilica was damage due to Earthquake in October 15, 2013 which damage the church belfry, some walls and the facade of the church but now it was fully restored.

The church is located at Osmeña Boulevard and D. Jakosalem St. P Burgos St just nearby the Magellan's Cross and the Cebu City Hall. It is also a waking distance from the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

The big beautiful old church requires a proper dress codes for church goers and tourist but everyone is welcome.

Wear your comfortable and casual attire. Don't forget to light a candle and say a little prayer to the Holy Child. You can also asked the candle seller along the church to dance Sinulog, a prayer form of dancing in honor of Sto. Nino, for you. Visit also the church Museum.


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