Friday, March 24, 2017

Cebu Safari in Carmen Cebu

A new tourist destination in Cebu Province which is set open to public this Summer of 2017. The 100 hectare zoo will have animals like zebras, tigers ,lions, giraffes, white tiger, camels, swans, bird, and among others.

Cebu Safari, owned by the Pawnshop tycoon Lhuillier Financial Services by Michael Lhuillier is said to boost Cebu Tourism. Cebu Safari Resort, which is 42 kilometer away from the city proper of Cebu City will be one of the country’s biggest zoo.

The zoo is said to have a terraced garden with Michel Lhuillier collection of flowers and orchids and aviary. They will also features different animals from different part of the world like France, Texas, USA and Dubai. They are also preparing some animal show like bird show. In fact, the company have sent trainers to be trained in Singapore for animal show. Tourists and visitors can interact and feed the animal which are not cage. Wild animals will be cage while others will be on their natural habitat. 

Cebu Safari will also provide buses for the visitors from Cebu City. From Cebu City, it’s a 2 hours rides to Carmen and additional 15 minutes going up to the mountain part of Cebu Safari. 

Entrance fee for the day tour in the zoo is expected to be P550 per person. There will be extreme rides like zip lines and roller coaster in the safari resort but with different rates. 

So prepare yourself, your friends and your family for the Country’s biggest zoo, Cebu Safari Resort.


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