Sunday, May 14, 2017

Larsian in Cebu City

Larsian Fuente
Cebu’s BBQ Heaven

Larsian in Fuente Cebu is one Cebu’s tourist attraction and food havens for visitors who loves to explore Cebu best grilled foods and barbeques. It is a spacious food strips where there are numerous stall of barbeques vendors. It is similar to other Asian countries hawker street food style eateries.

Food offered are grilled sea foods like fish, squid and shrimp. They also offered grilled chicken and grilled pork or known to locals as barbecue or BBQ and pancit or noodles. Prices are so cheap ranging from 10-100 per food and food taste good.

Upon arriving at the Larsian gate entrance, visitors will be greeted with the “callers” and ask you to eat on their stalls. As of us, we always make a tour before we decide as to what stall are we going to eat. Dining at the Larsian is always a must try to eat with your hands but you will be given a clear plastic gloves. Make sure to try grilled blue marlin or the isaw – a grilled chicken intestine. You can also ask for a “Dicer” or the sweet sauce they use during grilling. Food are best when pair with the Puso or the Cebuano style hanging rice.

Located at Don Mariano Cui St. Cebu City. Just near the Fuente Osmena Circle and beside Cebu famous private hospital Chong Hua Hospital. Door opens at 2:00 Pm to 12 Midnight. Best time to be there is dinner time.

Getting there is easy, you can take taxi and ask the driver to drop you to the Larsian or Fuente Circle. Most local also know this place, so you can take a jeep that will pass by Fuente Osmena Circle and take a short distance wall to the Larsian. If you take a tourist van, you can also ask the driver to take you for a quick dine at Larsian.


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