Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Oslob Whale Shark Watching

Oslob whale shark watching is one of the most popular destinations or sightseeing spot here in Cebu City, Philippines. This is a well-known sightseeing spot not only for the locals but especially for the foreigners. This tourist spot became popular when it was hit on the news last November 2011. The whale shark “gentle giants or Tuki and butanding (local term)” watching commenced last September 2011. Tourists or foreigners can see and swim with the whale sharks but they are not allowed to feed them as well as riding on them.

Since the 1980’s, a fisherman, Ramonito Lagahid Jr., 24, have known about the whale shark’s presence a few meters away from the seashore. Whale shark is known to be the world’s largest vulnerable fish by wildlife authorities. Ramonito’s father dubbed the fish as “pest” because they destroyed some of their fish nets and they drove away other fishes during that time. When they discovered that these gentle giants could be a tourist attraction, they were never wrong. The whale sharks became a famous tourist attraction in Oslob which is located in the southern part of Cebu 117 kilometers from the City or 3 hours and 29 minutes travel time by private cars or bus. Oslob have always been a community of most fisher folks who make a living out of the sea. This is a quiet town and there was not much progress going their way before the whale shark trended.

At first, it was the locals from this town, Oslob, who managed the tourist attraction but when it became popular, the local government took over the management to protect the whale sharks from danger as well as to encourage more entrepreneurs and more tourists to come and witness the wonders of the gentle giants.

From the heart of the city, proceed to the south bus terminal and ride a Ceres Bus liner going to Bato via Liloan. You can inform the Bus driver to drop you off at Barangay Tan.awan and the Oslob Whale shark watching is just alongside the road. It will take 3 hours for you to get to the Oslob whale shark watching from Cebu City and it will cost you 155 pesos when you ride a Ceres bus liner. Another way to get there is to hire a van rental and we highly recommend JLC trading Van rentals for your van rental needs. Their service is the best and the most affordable in Cebu, their van is very comfortable, the driver is friendly and accommodating and the best thing they can offer is you get to enjoy a fast WIFI connection while traveling.

You can enjoy swimming with the gentle giants everyday from 6 o’clock in the morning to 12 o’clock noon. For the locals, you need to pay 300 pesos (USD 6) if you want to witness the whale sharks while staying on the boat. 500 pesos (USD 11), if you want to enjoy snorkeling together with the gentle giants or whale sharks. For the Foreigners, snorkeling or swimming with the whale sharks costs 1000 pesos (USD 21) and all of the rates include life jackets already. Swimming with the whale sharks or the gentle giants is good for 30 minutes only.

After an enjoyable experience with the whale sharks, tourist or locals can enjoy delectable and reasonable local cuisines. There are various kinds of food to choose from and you can also try some local or Filipino street food in nearby areas.

We highly recommend to take the earliest trip around 4:30 AM when riding the Ceres bus liner to elude the early morning traffic getting out of the city. Recently, Cebu has a terrible traffic due to increased tourists in the city and you don’t want miss the chance swimming and enjoying with the whale sharks. Wear the best comfortable swim wear for you to relish an encounter with the great whale sharks or the gentle giants. After a great experience with the whale sharks, you can also try discovering the sightseeing spots nearby. You can try the Tumalog Falls and experience nature for those who are nature lovers.


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