Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Municipality of Alcantara, Cebu

Alcantara Municipality is around 85 kilometer of southeast of the Cebu and is a 5th municipal income class municipality of the province of Cebu, Philippines. Alcantara comprises the nine barangays which are Cabadiangan, Cabil-isan, Candabong, Lawaan, Manga, Palanas, Poblacion, Polo and Salagmaya. This municipality belongs to the 7th district of Cebu.

From Cebu city, it will take you around 1 hour and 20 minutes by car or by public transportation like bus. Alcantara is adjacent to the town of Ronda and Moalboal.

The Town also celebrates is annual festival called Bahandi (a Cebuano tern for Wealth).

If visiting Alcantara, don't me to visit the Parish Church of Saint Agustine which is located in the Poblacion of the Alcantara.  The municipality is one of the blessed with abundant and diverse marine resource.  Most resident source of living is the fishing which will be delivered to the local fish market and neighboring places.

Visit also Alcantara's nice beach and resorts and the Alcantara  Sea Paradise . Alcantara Sea Paradise is an eco tourism project where visitors can get a peek of the beautify nature of the municipality. Tourist can stroll on the bamboo walkway that take thourght a mangrove forest. The place offers the tourist some of the animal population like the birds, pawikan, crabs, snake and monekey which are enclose.  The Alcantara Sea Paradise is situated close to the church of Saint Agustine along the road going to the municipal hall


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