Thursday, August 24, 2017


Alegria is a 4th class of income municipality of southwest part of Cebu Philippines and is part of the 7th district of Cebu. The town is 120kms south away from City of Cebu. Alegria barangays includes Compostela, Guadalupe, Legaspi, Lepanto, Madridejos, Montpeller, Poblacion, Santa Filomena and Valencia.

The town celebrate annually the Kawayan Festival or Bamboo Festival every December 2 which locals will have street parade and bamboo display on the street and this fiesta celebration is in honor or Saint Francis Xavier.

Alegria is situated on a picturesque part of southern Cebu. Along the coast here there are some old Spanish watch towers as well as its near Kawasan Falls, which can easy be done as a day trip from Alegria.

Visiting Alegria is like waterfalls chasing. Tourist and locals would love to visit the Cambais Fall with its beautiful waterfall curtains in Guadalupe Alegia. Don't miss also Canlaob Falls in Barangay Sangi. This falls is famous for being the start or the jump off point for most canyoneering activities. Visit also the Cancalanog Falls which is one of the town hidden falls in Compostela Alegria. Visit also town iconic baluarte or the watchtown. The preserved watchtower was build in 1800's which was used as the defense  wall for locals from the Moros.  Visit also the St. Francis Xavier Church which is one of the oldest church in the entire Province of Cebu. The church facade is the town's seaside town park and the Tanon Strait with the beauty of the Island of Negros.

Now, Alegria is one of the tourist attraction because of its Canyoneering activities where in tourist and local will jump off from one fall to others from 50ft- 15ft falls. Canyoneering is one of the must try activity in Cebu.

How to get there? No worry you ride a bus from the Cebu South Bus terminal which will take you 3-4hours bus ride. You can also have our van rental. Contact us now for quotation.


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