Friday, September 1, 2017


Argao is a 1st class municipal income class in the province of Cebu, Philippines.It is located at 68 kilometer southeast province of Cebu which is bounded by Badia in the west, Sibonga in north and Dalaguete by south. The town compromisses 45 barangays which includes Alambijud, Anajao, Apo, Balaas, Balisong, Binlod, Bogo, Bug-ot, Bulasa, Butong, Calagasan, Canbantug, Canbanua, Cansuje, Capio-an, Casay, Catang, Colawin, Conalum, Guiwanon, Gutlong, Jampang, Jomgao, Lamacan, Langub, Lapay, Lengigog, Linut-od, Mabasa, Mandilikit, Mompeller, Panadtaran, Poblacion, Sua, Sumaguan, Tabayag, Talaga, Talaytay, Talo-oy, Tiguuib, Tulang, Tulic, Ubaub, and Usmad. 
La Torta  Festival which replace the Pitlagong Festival is celebrated by the locals and foriegn every September 28-29 in celebration of Argaos traditional Torta which is popular of the town. 

Tourist and local would always love to visit and tour around Argao's famous Riverstone Castle, Argao Nature Park, San Miguel Arcangel Church, Balay sa Agta Cave, Mahayahay beach, Argao Hall of Justice. It is also a must try to visit and try the Argao's Torta and locals hot chocolate. 

From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, take the bus bound to Oslob or Boljoon. Just tell the driver to drop you at Argao. The bus ride will take you around 1 and half hour to two hours. You can also take our van rentals for as low as 4500 pesos which includes the driver and gas. Our van rental will give you more comfort and security. You can call or text us for inquiries or quotation.


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